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Topic: pubgrub this summer

view this post on Zulip Matthieu Pizenberg (Jun 05 2021 at 09:55):

Hi, so this summer I have a few personal events to organize and that will take most of my time. So there are definitely weeks where I'll not be responsive at all. I would not want to block potential contributions of other people that will instead have more free time this summer. So I think we should cut 0.2.1 now so that the release branch is in a nice state for people that might use it as a base for experiments on current limitations. We can leave PRs 94 and 95 for later. Maybe merge 92 (history & memory unification) if you think it's worth it and you have some time to focus on reviewing that.

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Equally importantly, when I have some time in the coming weeks I want to add a section to the guide detailing all the current limitations of 0.2 API. It would contain explanations for most on the issues discussed in the "advanced_dependency_providers" repo, as well as a detailed explanation of why handling pre-release versions is extra difficult. I feel like having all that explained as clearly as I can will improve our chances of finding a good solution to those limitations, either us or someone else.

view this post on Zulip Eh2406 (Jun 05 2021 at 18:26):

You should take time for yourself, as much as you need!
I will try to get time to revue #92, this weekend. I am having some computer troubles, but I will try.
I am Ok with cutting a 0.2.1 when every you want. If we get more compatible work, we can always do a 0.2.2.
The more you want to add to the guide the better! It is really good work.

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