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Topic: Meeting agenda/planning recommendations

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Jane Lusby said:

if anyone has recommendations of other wgs that have this figured out that I can refer to that would be appreciated

I think the Governance WG does this reasonably well; for most meetings we have an agenda that we stick to pretty well (@XAMPPRocky generally leads), but we do occasionally have fairly unstructured discussions. Those might only be tractable because of the small size of the group, though. @Val Grimm generally writes up minutes.

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Conversely, the FFI-unwind project group almost exclusively has unstructured meetings, largely because our size is small and our pace is slow, so we just check in bi-weekly to see if anyone has anything to share and to determine what the next "offline" work items will be.

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what i've seen some of the teams do is float an agenda a week in advance and let people add what they wish to discuss during t he meeting which would work well for the first few meetings

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