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Topic: Pinging and teams

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DPC said:

i would say we could be "stricter" by hovering over the user and seeing if they belong to any of the main rust teams (such as t-libs, t-compiler, t-lang, etc) and not pinging them, but if they belong only to a working group, then it is fine to ping them

(Speaking only for myself here, not on behalf of any team of which I'm a member)

It might also be ok to ping outside the context of their official role. For example, while I'm on t-lang I'm occasionally the reviewer on random libs or compiler things where it would be fine to ping me -- if it's a weird thing that I can't resolve then I should probably be moving it over to someone officially on libs/compiler (who then wouldn't be pinged) to get it unstuck. But that's nuanced so being conservative is fine too. And many lang people are also on compiler or libs or similar so this likely wouldn't come up for them.

(I wholly agree with not pinging the always-swamped t-compiler folks for compiler stuff, of course, and similarly for other teams.)

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