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Topic: 2021-01-25 to 01-31

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25th January 2021, Monday - shorter list this time.

S-waiting-on-author - sent back to author to address comment, pinged - sent back to author to address merge conflicts

matthewjasper - looks like it might be sent back to author, but I don't know enought to make that judgement.
pnkfelix - RalfJung commented 15 days ago I'm not an expert on the unsafety checker anyway, so maybe someone else can review this... r? pnkfelix

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#76345 Nov 9 - waiting on review since Sep 4 - author: okready, assignee: jethrogb
#80826 19 days - waiting on review from pnkfelix - author: camelid, assignee: pnkfelix
#80823 18 days - needs decision from sfackler - author: 1011X, assignee: sfackler
#80874 18 days - I think waiting on author to address review, but both author and reviewer are on break :upside_down: - author: jyn514, assignee: Manishearth
#77487 Nov 20 - re-assigned to petrochenkov since IIUC ecstatic-morse is on break - author: bugadani, (new) assignee: petrochenkov
#80733 17 days - I think this needs a T-libs reviewer (no assignee currently because someone did r? @rust-lang/docs which confuses @highfive) - author: steffahn, assignee: (none)


#79775 Dec 7 - I think still waiting on author, but Joshua's on break - author: jyn514, assignee: GuillaumeGomez
#79989 Dec 16 - conflicts (team member -> no ping) - author: scottmcm, assignee: cramertj
#73314 Dec 18 - conflicts (team member -> no ping) and I think needs decision - author: GuillaumeGomez, assignee: jyn514


#71531 May 7 - no longer blocked! - author: spastorino, assignee: oli-obk

view this post on Zulip Charles Lew (Jan 29 2021 at 12:22):

I need to skip about five weeks' triage, will continue in march.

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