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Topic: 2020-08-31 to 09-06

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Triage reports for the week starting 31.08.2020. The monthly team meeting will be held at

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S-waiting-on-review - waiting on sfackler - waiting on joshtriplett, I think, not sure if the PR needs more work or not - already approved by nikomatsakis just waiting on merge - already approved by mark-i-m waiting on nikomatsakis - conversation seems to have stalled between author LukasKalbertodt and withoutboats - waiting on nikomatsakis - waiting on joshtriplett - I think this one is waiting on review from cramertj

S-waiting-on-author - sent back to Mark-Simulacrum to address merge conflicts - sent back to nanpuyue, pinged - sent back to jonas-schievink because of merge conflicts. not sure why we kept removing and adding the waiting on reviewer tag but there are merge conflicts for the author to address. - sent back to jsgf - i think the conversation has stalled - pinged author yoshuawuyts - ping yoshuawuyts to address merge conflicts - ping osa1 to address build failures - not sure if this one is waiting on a review from Mark-Simulacrum or if the author still needs to do something - oli-obk needs to address merge conflicts - pinged julankondt to address merge conflicts

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Sept 5th 2020 Friday

S-waiting-on-review - sfackler - t-compiler/windows - withoutboats - joshtriplett - kennytm - withoutboats

S-waiting-on-author - GuillaumeGomez - needs more docs. - oli-obk

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