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Topic: Zulip stream for rust-linting project

view this post on Zulip flip1995 (Aug 30 2021 at 09:19):

Can we get a zulip stream for the [rust-linting](] project?

For context of this project: original IRLO thread

We're now at a state in the project, where we agreed on the requirements and starting to look at the detailed design and early implementations. It would be great to have a more dynamic communication platform for this project than GitHub issues/discussions.

view this post on Zulip DevinR528 (Sep 01 2021 at 21:03):

Did we get a stream, I don't see it searching so I'm assuming not yet?

view this post on Zulip Jacob Pratt (Sep 01 2021 at 23:06):

not yet, no

Last updated: Oct 11 2021 at 22:34 UTC