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Topic: I-prioritize #78649 error[E0391]: cycle detected when compu…

triagebot (Nov 02 2020 at 02:48, on Zulip):

@WG-prioritization/alerts issue #78649 has been requested for prioritization.


Camelid (Nov 02 2020 at 02:49, on Zulip):

This is a weird error. I'm not sure if it's correct or not, but it's pretty bizarre

Joshua Nelson (Nov 02 2020 at 02:51, on Zulip):

(I commented on the issue)

apiraino (Nov 04 2020 at 09:50, on Zulip):

by glancing at the discussion linked by tmandry (with Niko involved) seems they have the issue on their radar. I'd therefore assign a P-medium with a I-nominate option. Other opinions?

Santiago Pastorino (Nov 04 2020 at 13:57, on Zulip):

I'd remove I-prioritize mainly given that it's not super important and the async wg is taking care of it already

Santiago Pastorino (Nov 04 2020 at 13:57, on Zulip):

doing so now, but please comment if you disagree

triagebot (Nov 04 2020 at 13:57, on Zulip):

Issue #78649's prioritization request has been removed.

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