Stream: t-compiler/wg-prioritization/alerts

Topic: I-prioritize #76021 1.46.0: Throw "SIGSEGV: invalid memory …

triagebot (Aug 28 2020 at 14:05, on Zulip):

@WG-prioritization/alerts issue #76021 has been requested for prioritization.


LeSeulArtichaut (Aug 28 2020 at 22:32, on Zulip):

I think this is specific to musl which is a Tier 2 target

LeSeulArtichaut (Aug 28 2020 at 22:32, on Zulip):

That would probably imply P-medium I think?

apiraino (Aug 31 2020 at 16:39, on Zulip):

Seems to be a regression of late June. I think P-medium makes sense, also since as suggested the reporter could probably "easily" workaround the issue by upgrading to a more recent Alpine/musl environment (the Alpine version affected is two years old)

triagebot (Sep 02 2020 at 15:13, on Zulip):

Issue #76021's prioritization request has been removed.

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