Stream: t-compiler/wg-prioritization/alerts

Topic: #82012 Incorrect "unreachable pattern" warning in Rust 1.50.

triagebot (Feb 12 2021 at 00:40, on Zulip):

@WG-prioritization/alerts issue #82012 has been requested for prioritization.


Joshua Nelson (Feb 12 2021 at 00:57, on Zulip):

this is a T-release bug, not sure if we prioritize those

Yuki Okushi (Feb 12 2021 at 04:33, on Zulip):

we missed backporting it (reading your comment)? then I don't think we should prioritize it

apiraino (Feb 12 2021 at 10:07, on Zulip):

I agree to not prioritize it, it looks like the backport just slipped (or delayed by some comments about quantifying a possible perf regression)

apiraino (Feb 12 2021 at 10:10, on Zulip):

(... and yes, currently we dont prioritize t-release)

triagebot (Feb 12 2021 at 10:11, on Zulip):

Issue #82012's prioritization request has been removed.

apiraino (Feb 12 2021 at 10:11, on Zulip):

but if it should go under someone's scrutiny we can always ping for having a look

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