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Topic: Uplift `temporary-cstring-as-ptr` lint fr… compiler-team#346

triagebot (Aug 18 2020 at 18:17, on Zulip):

A new proposal has been announced: #346. It will be announced at the next meeting to try and draw attention to it, but usually MCPs are not discussed during triage meetings. If you think this would benefit from discussion amongst the team, consider proposing a design meeting.

Jonas Schievink (Aug 18 2020 at 18:24, on Zulip):

note that it has at least one known false positive:

simulacrum (Aug 18 2020 at 18:50, on Zulip):

I do wonder how hard it would be to treat the raw pointer returned from as_ptr as a reference for borrow checking, though perhaps just lifetime checking (not mutability tracking).

Joshua Nelson (Sep 01 2020 at 14:28, on Zulip):

whoops I missed there was an MCP - I think this should be warn-by-default until the false positive is fixed.

triagebot (Sep 21 2020 at 20:51, on Zulip):

@T-compiler: Proposal #346 has been seconded, and will be approved in 10 days if no objections are raised.

triagebot (Oct 01 2020 at 12:04, on Zulip):

This proposal has been accepted: #346.

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