Stream: wg-cli

Topic: Future of the WG

spacekookie (Feb 15 2021 at 15:04, on Zulip):

I sent a message to the mailing list a few days ago and thought I'd open a thread here too. In the 2021 roadmap there is a section about group/ team charters. Generally there's a lot of development happening on clap, but apart from that there's not much going on.

I wanted to gauge interest by people as to how to continue this group, if we should try to shift our focus to be more general (i.e. Rust application development?), or what people's thoughts are on this.

spacekookie (Feb 15 2021 at 15:04, on Zulip):

I'm asking this because we don't necessarily have to be a WG anymore. If it's just some people hacking on clap and associated libraries without larger collaboration by people then I don't really see the point for example. But yea, interested in what people think.

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