Stream: t-libs/wg-allocators

Topic: 2019-11-29 @erichdongubler stepping down as a facilitator

Erich Gubler (Nov 29 2019 at 19:11, on Zulip):

Some of you have probably already seen one of the several posts I've made in various places about how I will be withdrawing from my role as the main organizer of the Utah Rust meetup:

The same situation regarding mental health and personal life applies here for me. At the time I volunteered to be a facilitator, I felt that I had the time to spare for helping this important WG move along. As I've made concentrated efforts every so often to dedicate time, though, I've found that this WG has unfortunately needed to be lower on my list of priorities compared to family, self-care, and other commitments important to my personal life, thus thrashing my availability to this group. Because of this, I feel like one of the most helpful things I can do at this point is vacate my role here as a facilitator, so that hopefully somebody will step up that won't neglect it like I have.

Y'all's work here has caused me to learn some really interesting things about allocators and some of the domains that use it, so I'm excited for whoever facilitates next. I believe that custom allocators will be an important feature particularly for specialized domains where previously C++ might have been the only viable technological option. I wish I could offer something more than just vacating my role -- because y'all deserve it -- but...obviously that's not going to work given my situation.

Questions? Concerns? I'll try to be available today for them as you have them.

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