Stream: t-libs/wg-allocators

Topic: How to help?

Jelte Fennema (Aug 16 2019 at 07:56, on Zulip):

Hi, this feature would be pretty useful to me and I was wondering what I can do to help. I've already subscribed to the github repo.

Erich Gubler (Oct 16 2019 at 18:42, on Zulip):

Hi there @Jelte Fennema! Sorry for taking so long to respond -- I've been slacking on my facilitator responsibilities.

Erich Gubler (Oct 16 2019 at 18:43, on Zulip):

Where are you most comfortable contributing? If you're not sure, maybe some follow-up questions would be: Have you ever used custom allocators before? Were you thinking of trying to design around whatever API this WG produces before stable hits?

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