Stream: t-compiler/wg-polonius

Topic: sync meeting still on calendar

Mark Drobnak (Apr 10 2020 at 15:42, on Zulip):

Hello, I've been lurking around various places looking for somewhere to start contributing (university is killing my spare time though). I noticed that the sync meeting is still scheduled on the compiler team calendar, but as of the last meeting it's been postponed until some time in April (this month)? Should the calendar be updated? Or will weekly sync meetings start up again?

lqd (Apr 10 2020 at 20:44, on Zulip):

the sync meeting still being on the calendar is probably an oversight yeah :) as some WG members don't have a lot of time to work on it, to make a weekly meeting worth it. So we're hoping to move to a more periodic model where every few months we try to allocate a bigger chunk of time, like a few mornings in a week. April sounded good when we said that a few weeks ago, but with the current situation we'll have to see

nikomatsakis (Apr 13 2020 at 16:51, on Zulip):

I can remove it

lqd (Apr 13 2020 at 20:38, on Zulip):

(to be clear, I'm still working on it, I have like 100 pages of handwritten notes about failed experiments of the last few weeks :)

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