Stream: t-compiler/wg-meta

Topic: checkin at T-compiler mtg

pnkfelix (Feb 26 2019 at 14:42, on Zulip):

Hi @davidtwco ; @nikomatsakis and I were thinking that it would be great if the WG-meta could be one of the working groups at this week's T-compiler WG-checkin on Thursday, and I was hoping that you would be willing to drive the presentation for the checkin?

nikomatsakis (Feb 26 2019 at 14:43, on Zulip):

Actually what I was thinking -- to start -- is that we should write a summary of some of the things we did last week and what's coming up

nikomatsakis (Feb 26 2019 at 14:43, on Zulip):

(also seems fine to present that, if we have time, I could see the WG RLS 2.0 taking up all the time)

nikomatsakis (Feb 26 2019 at 14:44, on Zulip):

which reminds me that I was planning to make a list of things for this week, and I keep thinking that "making a place to track the checkin list" is a good item for that

Santiago Pastorino (Feb 26 2019 at 15:00, on Zulip):

btw: I will be attending too

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