Stream: t-compiler/rust-analyzer

Topic: Nightly timed out in the middle of the job

Lukas Wirth (Mar 28 2021 at 11:19, on Zulip): todays nightly timed out at the publish step so when updating you seem to get a broken install, cause the extension is updated but there are no binaries? Is it fine to just restart the job or would that cause some problems?

Lukas Wirth (Mar 28 2021 at 11:20, on Zulip):

A bit weird that the extension even got published but the artifacts didn't given the order of things if I see this right :thinking:
Ah I guess cause of how the nightly extension works

Lukas Wirth (Mar 28 2021 at 11:32, on Zulip):

Ah I see we got a trigger-nightly branch for this I assume

Edwin Cheng (Mar 28 2021 at 11:50, on Zulip):

That't timeout spent 6 hours .... it's weird.

Lukas Wirth (Mar 28 2021 at 11:52, on Zulip):


Lukas Wirth (Mar 28 2021 at 11:57, on Zulip):

So ye looks like it was timing out while creating the release and uploading the artifacts to said release which resulted in not all artifacts being uploaded? :sweat_smile:

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