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Topic: vscode "linkedProjects" and problems file path

Charles (Apr 06 2021 at 16:14, on Zulip):


I am having some issue with vscode which I am not sure how to fix. I have a large project and I am using the "rust-analyzer.linkedProject" to point to different "Cargo.toml" file that I have in my large repo.

This sometime work fine, but most of the time (or after a couple of "Rust-Analyzer: Run"), it completely stop displaying "problems" until I restart vscode.

It look like vscode is having difficulty to match "problems" with the correct file. For example, The "problem" will show up in the "PROBLEMS" pane with a file path of "/src/". When I click on it, I simply get a error: "Unable to open '': Unable to read file '/src/' ...".

I was looking at modifying the "cargo check" command to give full path, but this does not seem to be a option. Anyone have a idea how to work around that ?

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