Stream: t-compiler/rust-analyzer

Topic: Semantic Highlighting in Hovers

Lukas Wirth (Oct 18 2020 at 20:26, on Zulip):

So I'm not sure if this is even possible with the language server protocol which is why I'm asking this here first instead of in a github issue, but I noticed that hover hints that show a function's signature don't use semantic highlighting. Is this possible to implement in RA or blocked upstream in the protocol?

matklad (Oct 18 2020 at 20:30, on Zulip):

I think that's not possible to implement sadly

matklad (Oct 18 2020 at 20:31, on Zulip):

Though, I haven't researched this recently, i won't be surprised if there's some proposal to that end already on the LSP repo

Lukas Wirth (Oct 18 2020 at 20:34, on Zulip):

For some reason I didn't think of checking the LSP repo for this first but yes you were right, if I'm not mistaken this issue there is already asking for it. :thumbs_up:

Jeremy Kolb (Oct 19 2020 at 12:46, on Zulip):

There are a few issues about highlighting/formatting in hover and signature help for vscode but it doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.

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