Stream: t-compiler/rust-analyzer

Topic: Autocompletion missing after function completion

Riccardo D'Ambrosio (May 08 2021 at 03:38, on Zulip):


Apologies if this is not the correct channel for this, but i am unsure if this is a VSC issue or something related to RA, and it seemed to work fine when using other LSPs. Anyways, for some reason, VSC doesnt seem to give autocompletions right after i click on a function completion. This seems to be a recurring issue when RA auto-selects something for you when completing, for example, auto-selecting parameter names so you can change them. I have to click out of the selection and go back to it for it to actually give me completions. For example: // baz is selected // selected baz is replaced with &b and does not have any autocompletions

I was not able to find any VSC issue on this, perhaps i looked it up wrong, but any help would be appreciated :heart:

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