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Topic: Unoptimised compiler builds

Edd Barrett (Jul 29 2020 at 11:18, on Zulip):


I have a (pretty niche) need for a build of the standard library without optimisations enabled.

In config.toml.example there's a comment warning against these kind of shenanighans:

# Whether or not to optimize the compiler and standard library.
# WARNING: Building with optimize = false is NOT SUPPORTED. Due to bootstrapping,
# building without optimizations takes much longer than optimizing. Further, some platforms
# fail to build without this optimization (c.f. #65352).
#optimize = true

The cited issue is a windows bug closed last year, so this comment may be stale.

FWIW, if you turn optimisation off today, then many tests fail with weird linkage errors etc. Here's the full output of a test run without optimisation.

So I'm wondering: should debug builds work? And is there any interest in having them work?

Many Thanks!

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