Stream: t-compiler/help

Topic: Replacing the stdlib for a built-in triple with a custom JSO

Jake Goulding (Jul 18 2020 at 23:55, on Zulip):

I'm trying to cross-compile to aarch64-apple-darwin in one step (instead of my current two-step process). I've taught bootstrap how to better handle target JSON files, and the cross-compiled rustc runs on the target. However, when I try to compile with it, I get mismatched crate versions:

error[E0461]: couldn't find crate `std` with expected target triple aarch64-apple-darwin
  = note: the following crate versions were found:
          crate `std`, target triple aarch64-apple-darwin-1752181066458373883: /Users/shep/crossed-one/usr/local/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/libstd-11e5fe59d2e3c43b.rlib
          crate `std`, target triple aarch64-apple-darwin-1752181066458373883: /Users/shep/crossed-one/usr/local/lib/rustlib/aarch64-apple-darwin/lib/libstd-11e5fe59d2e3c43b.dylib

I (loosely) know that JSON targets have a hash appended to them to cause this specific failure, as you usually don't want them to overlap. Is there a way I can make them overlap?

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