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Topic: test failures

davidtwco (May 02 2019 at 22:10, on Zulip):

Can anyone else reproduce a stack overflow running rustc ./src/test/run-pass/issues/ -O -g?

I've tried changing my stack size in case it is a local issue and that hasn't helped. I've not had much luck debugging. It's happening within LLVM, between constructScopeDIE and createScopeChildrenDIE. I have found #58463 which reported a similar issue with the same test. There was a PR that fixed it and I made sure I had those commits locally. It wasn't fixed as of the build I was using which is a few days old.

davidtwco (May 02 2019 at 22:10, on Zulip):

I looked through the debuginfo in the LLVM IR and couldn't see any cycles.

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