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Topic: wg-const-eval

ecstatic-morse (Oct 15 2019 at 19:37, on Zulip):

@oli @RalfJ @centril @Christian Poveda @eddyb (sorry)

The const-eval channel operates similarly to a working group but is not one officially. It even has its own de facto git repo. I think const-eval should be promoted :smile: to a proper working group.

There's been some developments in const-eval recently, and an official working group would help to communicate these developments to the compiler team as well as the broader community. I've been working on static validation of const bodies to enable #49146, #52000 and (in the distant future) #57349, and others have been working on the MIRI side, including adding checks to ensure that the static validation is sound.

I think this hasn't been done in the past because migrating/creating a repo, scheduling meetings and writing progress summaries is not very fun, and most of the stakeholders have a lot of other responsibilities on the rust project and elsewhere. I'm relatively new here, I'm not a compiler team member and I don't have a good understanding of the inner workings of MIRI, but I would be willing to take on some of these organizational tasks, including generating the weekly report to the compiler team. However, I think @oli and @RalfJ should be the co-leads for this WG.

We should also try to have a weekly scheduled meeting.

centril (Oct 15 2019 at 19:39, on Zulip):

I think we will want this to be a joint t-lang & t-compiler effort

centril (Oct 15 2019 at 19:39, on Zulip):

@oli should be the t-compiler liason and I can be that from t-lang

centril (Oct 15 2019 at 19:39, on Zulip):

but I'll probably not do any leading wrt. dataflow because I need to read up on that :D

centril (Oct 15 2019 at 19:40, on Zulip):

don't think we have to rename the zulip stream tho or such; we can just use this stream as the wg's stream

Christian Poveda (Oct 15 2019 at 19:44, on Zulip):

Well I'll be happy to help in whatever I can

ecstatic-morse (Oct 15 2019 at 19:44, on Zulip):

What do you think about migrating rust-rfcs/const-eval to rust-lang/const-eval? I often want to ping a github org instead of individual people (since I inevitably randomly leave someone out), but I think the org doesn't matter for this?

centril (Oct 15 2019 at 19:47, on Zulip):

sounds like a good idea; cc @simulacrum

simulacrum (Oct 15 2019 at 19:47, on Zulip):

I did not know anything about an rfcs org prior to today

simulacrum (Oct 15 2019 at 19:48, on Zulip):

If you transfer the repo to me I can transfer it to rust-lang.

simulacrum (Oct 15 2019 at 19:48, on Zulip):

(please also ping me here)

ecstatic-morse (Oct 15 2019 at 20:29, on Zulip):

@T-compiler/WG-meta If the other members of const-eval agree to this, should I open a PR to addwg-const-eval under rust-lang/compiler-team, rust-lang/lang-team or both? IMO it's closer to the existing t-compiler WGs than the t-lang ones, but fits under either umbrella.

centril (Oct 15 2019 at 20:31, on Zulip):

let's go with t-compiler but just note that it is a joint effort (in the readme)

ecstatic-morse (Oct 15 2019 at 21:28, on Zulip):

See rust-lang/compiler-team/#201. I decided to use "Compile-time Function Evaluation" as the long name for the WG, but this may not be everyone's first choice.

RalfJ (Oct 16 2019 at 17:28, on Zulip):

I'd be happy to be involved but don't have time to take a lead role, I am afraid

RalfJ (Oct 17 2019 at 09:00, on Zulip):

Actually the way things look right now, UCG+Miri together already take up all the time I have and I probably should not be involved in the const-eval thing :(
I can't even give you an ETA for when I will be able to look at @ecstatic-morse's PR in the const-eval repo; if UCG+Miri activity stays like it is that could take weeks :(

oli (Oct 18 2019 at 13:51, on Zulip):

I don't have a strong opinion on where the const eval "rfc" repo lives

oli (Oct 18 2019 at 13:51, on Zulip):

making this an official working group is a good idea

ecstatic-morse (Oct 18 2019 at 15:27, on Zulip):

I don't know anything about the administrative side of github. I thought having it in rust-lang would make it a bit more visible.

ecstatic-morse (Oct 18 2019 at 15:29, on Zulip):

Also, if we can agree on a short name (wg-const-eval or wg-ctfe) I'd like to add it as a team to the rust org.

centril (Oct 18 2019 at 15:29, on Zulip):

wg-const-eval sgtm

centril (Oct 18 2019 at 15:29, on Zulip):

maybe just wg-const (since const fn is not necessarily just about const eval)

ecstatic-morse (Oct 18 2019 at 15:29, on Zulip):

I seem to remember there being a weirdly heated thread about the acronym CTFE in the distant past

centril (Oct 18 2019 at 15:29, on Zulip):

(but bikeshed matters not)

ecstatic-morse (Oct 18 2019 at 15:34, on Zulip):

ecstatic-morse (Oct 18 2019 at 15:37, on Zulip):

Add yourself if you wanna get pinged for big PRs/new issues I guess

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