Stream: t-compiler

Topic: armv7-apple-ios target on linux host?

nagisa (Oct 13 2018 at 07:13, on Zulip):

Does anybody know why the armv7-apple-ios target simply… "doesn’t” exist… there doesn’t seem to be any conditional compilation here, and yet...

nagisa (Oct 13 2018 at 07:13, on Zulip):
$ rustc --print=target-list | grep apple
nagisa (Oct 13 2018 at 07:23, on Zulip):

Ah, I see, I need to have an xcrun executable in path for these targets to show up… I filled #55029 for this...

nikomatsakis (Oct 15 2018 at 13:22, on Zulip):

/me has no idea.. but you seem to have figured it out :)

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