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Jake Vossen (Feb 11 2020 at 19:25, on Zulip):

Hey everyone! My name is Jake and I am currently in college studying computer science and taking a course about compilers. While I have not used it for a ton of projects, I have always enjoyed writing Rust when I do. I am hoping I can hang around here and get some perspective on how production compilers are run and maybe contribute here and there and improve my skills!

bjorn3 (Feb 11 2020 at 21:40, on Zulip):

Hi Jake! If you want to contribute to the rust compiler, or just want to know how it works internally, the rustc guide is a good starting point. There are still some missing chapters though. I don't know which parts of a compiler you are most interested in (parser, type checking, codegen, ...), but you can find easy issues at There is also the E-mentor label for issues where there is a specific person willing to answer any questions. Even if the E-mentor label is not added, you can still ask questions though. When you have picked an issue, you may want to comment @rustbot claim to notify others that you are already working on it. Good luck!

Jake Vossen (Feb 11 2020 at 21:51, on Zulip):

Thanks so much!

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