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Topic: Igor Aleksanov / popzxc

Igor Aleksanov (Oct 26 2019 at 17:35, on Zulip):

Hi, my name is Igor Aleksanov (@popzxc on github). I use Rust since 2018 and work as a Rust developer full-time. Recently I decided to start contributing to the Rust project in order to get a better knowledge of what is going on under the hood :)

Currently I'm getting familiar with the project by doing minor documentation/refactoring changes and think I will keep doing that for a while.

However, if help would be needed, feel free to involve me. I'm interested in literally everything about Rust and will be happy to do something useful.

Santiago Pastorino (Oct 26 2019 at 19:54, on Zulip):

among other coding things where you can find issues and a lot of different labels on the issue tracker like E-easy and E-mentor and things like that

Santiago Pastorino (Oct 26 2019 at 19:54, on Zulip):

we are also running an effort to make rustc-guide better

Santiago Pastorino (Oct 26 2019 at 19:55, on Zulip):

for that you can check out #t-compiler/wg-learning

Alex Koz. (Oct 29 2019 at 21:07, on Zulip):


Alex Koz. (Oct 29 2019 at 21:21, on Zulip):

Hi all! I’m Alex Koz. I’m started use Rust before first version (yes, when there was ~) for pet-projects and since 2017 as full-time dev.

Currently I’m writing target for rust-toolchain and there is so much missing features. For example I need address spaces for pointers and trying implement it and writing RFC now.

Target is MTL/air64 - it’s for Apple’s proprietary Metal shader language (including compute-shaders).

Mainly interested in gamedev-wg and rustc-wg (not sure about names).

Github: fzzr-

Santiago Pastorino (Oct 29 2019 at 22:17, on Zulip):

hi Alex feel free to go around and find something that may be interesting to you if you want to collaborate and feel free to ask things around :)

ecstatic-morse (Oct 29 2019 at 22:48, on Zulip):

I'm excited that someone is interested in properly handling address spaces!

Alex Koz. (Oct 30 2019 at 08:02, on Zulip):

Addrspaces impl is pita and really hell-like because I should rewrite all about pointers and refs gen because there’s should be known addrspace in all levels of ty-gen, but now there’s tons of calls like “just create ptr for that type with default addrspace”. So I think I need help of other devs and mb. psychotherapist :)

Alex Koz. (Oct 30 2019 at 08:13, on Zulip):

Also there’s one heavy blocker - generic consts feature should be complete and stable ideally.

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