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David G. Horsman (Nov 30 2019 at 22:14, on Zulip):

Which language can replace Java?

There are 3 questions of this sort. I gave a high level response to this a manager can decode. However a more authoritative answer is recommended here.

Anyway here was my response:

As of today Web Assembly frequently used with JavaScript is a compiled format that runs in the browser.
However you can now compile to run outside the browser (disk access) and so this greatly expands the use cases.
That isn't it though. RUST, used by Mozilla is used for OS, IoT and high level applications development. It runs as fast as C.
Catch this though. It has zero cost abstractions and no garbage collect. Yup. No garbage collect, no dispose.
Best of all. You know of the multibillion dollar Nulls problem and memory safety issues. 70% of all bugs. IT HAS NO NULLS. Unless you need them. While still allowing dynamic environments and thus C, C++, Python, Java (etc) and native APIs can be used.
It is strongly typed and uses lifetimes for objects which requires a learning curve and a bit more upfront effort but not much. It is difficult to create buggy code as the compiler rejects it.
There is no other language that comes close and none that out perform it. It is the future.

David G. Horsman (Nov 30 2019 at 22:34, on Zulip):

Lol. My new account is on hold. The old one blocked as spam. I can always get answers and change identity, I just don't bother. We should be friends. Or not... You might block all these accounts and do a proper job of it. Who cares.

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