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Tyler Thrailkill (Jun 28 2019 at 18:43, on Zulip):

Several questions about Zulip. We're trying to decide on whether to switch from Slack to a different chat provider and Zulip is top of the list.

1. Is rust-lang self hosted?
2. If it's self-hosted are you using AWS for hosting?
3. What are the costs like?
4. How many users are currently registered?
5. Have you encountered any major issues?
Thanks in advance for even taking the time to read this!

nagisa (Jun 28 2019 at 19:22, on Zulip):

1. I believe this instance is not self hosted, but you can definitely do that if you want;

nagisa (Jun 28 2019 at 19:24, on Zulip):

4. You can see user list on the right hand side. It contains 309 entries ATM

nagisa (Jun 28 2019 at 19:24, on Zulip):

5. I don’t remember any issues occurring and the Zulip people are fairly responsive to feature requests too in my experience.
Disclaimer: just an user, not an authoritative answer.

Tyler Thrailkill (Jun 28 2019 at 21:03, on Zulip):

@nagisa ah thank you! so rust-lang only retains the last 10k messages then right? and yes I wondered if that was the full list on the right, wasn't sure as it feels like there are way more users discussing stuff.

nagisa (Jun 28 2019 at 21:15, on Zulip):

Not sure about 10k – at the very least we still have history all the way back to the beginning of our Zulip use (from about a year ago)

nagisa (Jun 28 2019 at 21:16, on Zulip):

but I’m sure that we either do pay for the service and/or we have a special deal of some sort.

davidtwco (Jun 28 2019 at 21:43, on Zulip):

I don't think we pay for Zulip or have a special deal (it definitely isn't self-hosted though). I think the only major issues we've ran into is that some folks aren't a fan of the design/interface. In the last few months, we switched to Zulip where I work and in both cases, they've been really receptive to PRs and feature requests - I've landed a few with them and it's always been a pretty easy process.

davidtwco (Jun 28 2019 at 21:46, on Zulip):

I think the biggest thing we'd want for the Rust instance is a way to not require a login to read the messages.

davidtwco (Jun 28 2019 at 21:47, on Zulip):

I think there are around ~1440 users on this instance.

davidtwco (Jun 28 2019 at 21:48, on Zulip):

I can say that self-hosting is relatively painless though. We self-host our instance at work and it's very low maintenance, easy to backup and upgrade. I can't speak to cost since we run it on our internal network and not on AWS or anything like that.

simulacrum (Jun 28 2019 at 21:54, on Zulip):

I think our "special" deal is an open source org:

Yes! Zulip Cloud Standard is free for open source projects and affiliated institutions. We also offer steep discounts to non-profits, educational institutions, groups of friends, and in scenarios where most of the users are not paid employees (e.g. company support forums). Just contact and we’d be happy to discuss your situation!

from FAQ

Skyler Hawthorne (Jun 29 2019 at 22:40, on Zulip):

I've been curious to try it out at work too. Does anyone know how difficult it is to set up public access with authentication and notifications for apps?

Skyler Hawthorne (Jun 29 2019 at 22:45, on Zulip):

For self hosted I mean

Tyler Thrailkill (Jun 30 2019 at 00:13, on Zulip):

Fantastic, all of this info is extremely useful. The fact that they are open to PRs/Feature Requests is amazing as well. 1400+ users also seems right for how many messages I see go through here.

@davidtwco the fact that you run it at work also is interesting to me. did you switch from slack or a competitor? or did you start straight off with zulip? The low maintenance is pretty important.

davidtwco (Jun 30 2019 at 06:14, on Zulip):

@Tyler Thrailkill we were originally using HipChat, but Slack bought that and discontinued it so we were looking around for alternatives.

Tyler Thrailkill (Jun 30 2019 at 06:14, on Zulip):


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