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Topic: GitHub PR diff view: multiple but not all commits

RalfJ (Nov 16 2018 at 09:53, on Zulip):

Has anyone figured out how multi-selection works in GitHub's new "view mutliple but not all commits of this PR" thing? I tried shift-clicking and just clicking, but it seems to behave basically randomly...

RalfJ (Nov 16 2018 at 09:54, on Zulip):

oh I have to first hold down shift and then click the first and last commit

RalfJ (Nov 16 2018 at 09:55, on Zulip):

that's... like no UI I have ever used anywhere, usually you only need shift for the 2nd and later elements... wtf.

oli (Nov 16 2018 at 09:55, on Zulip):

took me a few tries to figure out, too

RalfJ (Nov 16 2018 at 09:56, on Zulip):

and it seems I cannot scroll while holding shift, so it is impossible to select more than what you can see without scrolling?

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